France news update October 2020

Grenoble set to achieve 100% green district heating networks by 2050 • Work has started on renovations of the district heating network in Bar-le-Duc • Other renovations is conducted by Engie Solutions in Rungis, aiming for a smarter and greener heat network • Read more about district heating developments in France in the October news update



Grenoble set to achieve 100% green district heating networks

Grenoble is already a leader in France when it comes to renewable energy sources in its district heating networks – renewables currently account for 78% of the energy mix. Now, the city has announced a master plan to reach a 100% renewable energy mix by 2050. The plan involves the substitution of coal with alternative energy sources, thermal storage and waste heat recovery from industries.

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Bar-le-Duc renovates its district heating network

The renovation of the district heating network in Bar-le-Duc started on October 26th, where plans include the replacement of half of the pipes in the network and renovation of the heating plant in Côte Sainte-Catherine. The heating plant renovation will involve a conversion to biomass boilers, which will provide cheaper and more environmentally friendly energy to the network. The complete renovation is expected to take ten years and is led by Bar-le-Duc Energies Environnement, a subsidiary of Engie Solutions.

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Smarter and greener heating network in ongoing renovation by Engie Solutions

The MIN heating network in Rungis (located south of Paris) is being renovated by Engie Solutions to reduce heat losses and increase energy efficiency. The renovation includes optimization of 98 sub-stations and lowering pressure in 4 km of the network. The MIN network provides heat to an industrial area, Orly airport, and will provide heat to the city of Rungis by Q1 2021.

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