About Heat Networks

Welcome to Sustainable Heating & Cooling by Sweden. We are a joint Swedish government and industry-led initiative founded with the aim of accelerating the expansion of sustainable heat networks in the UK and France by facilitating greater knowledge-sharing and spurring collaboration between political leaders, industry and academia.

The environment is changing in the UK. In June 2016, the  government announced that it would invest £320 million over the next five years in schemes across the country’s towns and cities to take low carbon heat and supply it to keep homes and businesses warm.

Given the UK government’s support*  for local authorities in this area, we are convinced that heat networks will play an important role in supplying British homes and businesses with affordable and low-carbon heat for the future.

The aim of the initiative is to help accelerate the expansion of heat networks (district heating) by showcasing new ideas and technology and developing closer collaboration between businesses and political stakeholders across the UK and Sweden. So whether you are a contractor, energy operator or represent a local authority, our project team can help you connect with the right expertise, whatever your particular circumstances.

Read more about the Swedish suppliers here.

* As part of the Government’s decarbonisation strategy, a delivery unit to support local authorities exploring heat network opportunities was established in 2013. This innovative support unit, the Heat Networks Delivery Unit (HNDU), combines grant funding with guidance from a dedicated team of commercial and technical specialists with a wealth of experience in developing heat networks.

Background and objectives

The Swedish government has longstanding focus on energy efficiency and sustainable heating and cooling and is keen to share its suppliers’ experience and expertise with international partners. Regular dialogue between leading Swedish suppliers and British stakeholders involved with heat networks have shown the potential for collaboration. Hence the project “Heat Networks – Sustainability by Sweden” was initiated by the Swedish Energy Agency with support from Business Sweden (The Swedish Trade and Invest Council), Nordic Heat and Sweheat and Cooling, a Swedish industry association.

Heat Networks long-term vision is to accelerate the expansion of heat networks schemes as a means to lower CO2 emissions and increase energy efficiency and security in the UK. The initiative also aims to;

  • Inspire and develop new ideas and technology of heat generation and distribution in the UK and Sweden
  • Increase collaboration between businesses and political stakeholders across the UK and Sweden and facilitate two-way knowledge sharing between British and Swedish companies
  • Enhance the level of innovation within heat networks in the UK and Sweden as well as the efficiency and profitability of planned heat networks schemes

The project team

The Swedish Energy Agency is the initiator and financier behind the Heat Networks initiative and also plays an important role as part of the steering group of the initiative. The initiative is driven by participating Swedish suppliers and supported by Business Sweden, which acts as the local project manager and the main point of contact for British companies and stakeholders.

Business Sweden, the Swedish Trade and Investment Council, is owned by the Swedish Government and the industry. Business Sweden’s purpose is to help Swedish companies reach their full international potential and foreign companies to invest and expand in Sweden. We offer our customers strategic advice and hands-on support.

The Swedish Energy Agency works for a sustainable energy system, combining ecological sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply. With the aim of attaining energy and climate objectives, the Swedish Energy Agency participates in international collaboration and manages instruments such as the EU Emission Trading System and the Electricity Certificate System.

SweHeat & Cooling, the Swedish Council for district heating and cooling, strives to hold products, services and experience from their members readily available to planners, decision-makers, consultants and constructors world-wide.

Nordic Heat is an independent and not for profit peer-to-peer advisory service aiming to support the development of District Energy and W2E solutions in new markets, by transferring the extensive know-how and experiences developed in Scandinavia during the past 50 years.

Please contact our London or Paris based project teams if you are interested in learning more about the initiative, getting in touch with Swedish companies or learning more about the Swedish heat market. We are happy to assist you.


Heat Networks – Sustainability by Sweden is a Team Sweden initiative which brings together Swedish associations and industry stakeholders. We are also working with the UK government and UK industry stakeholders to promote the development of heat networks in the UK. Our partners are:

British partners

  • ADE – the Association of Decentralised Energy
  • BEIS – the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
  • DIT – the Department for International Trade
  • UKDEA – the UK District Energy Association

Swedish partners

  • Energiföretagen
  • FVUab
  • Pelletsförbundet
  • SweHeat & Cooling
  • Värmek
  • Öresundskraft

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