About SHC by Sweden

Welcome to Sustainable Heating & Cooling (SHC) by Sweden, a Swedish government and industry-led initiative with the aim to promote collaboration, facilitate knowledge-sharing​ and accelerate the development & implementation of sustainable heating and cooling solutions around Europe and across the world. ​

SHC by Sweden is supported by a vast network across Europe with industry associations, leading suppliers of technologies & services, political leaders, and academia that collectively contribute to sustainable heating and cooling solutions.

Background and objectives

The Swedish government has a longstanding focus on energy efficiency and sustainable heating & cooling networks. It has been keen to engage in knowledge-sharing with international partners to communicate around Swedish experiences and expertise, both from the point of energy operators as well as from service/tech suppliers.

The interest in collaboration has been confirmed by on-going dialogues in Europe, by British and French stakeholders from the initial focus markets UK and France, but also by additional European markets where sustainable heating and cooling solutions are promoted.

SHC by Sweden was initially introduced in 2017 to support cross-border collaboration and to accelerate the development and implementation of sustainable heating and cooling solutions​ in the UK. In 2019, the program was extended to France that also is a market that highly promotes the development of heating and cooling networks. In 2023, activities have been extended to markets beyond UK and France to facilitate sustainable heating and cooling solutions around Europe and across the world.

The program is owned and financed by the Swedish Energy Agency and implemented by Business Sweden (The Swedish Trade and Invest Council). The program activities are often executed in collaboration with program partners, e.g., industry associations such as SweHeat and Svebio. Its long-term objective is to accelerate the expansion of heating and cooling networks to lower CO2 emissions, increase energy efficiency and secure energy supply.

The initiative also aims to:

  • Inspire and develop new ideas and technology of heat generation and distribution
  • Increase collaboration and knowledge-sharing between Sweden and businesses and governmental stakeholders across Europe and the World
  • Enhance the level of innovation, efficiency and profitability of existing and planned heating and cooling networks

The project team

The Swedish Energy Agency is the initiator and financier behind the SHC by Sweden program and plays an important role as part of the project steering group. The program is driven by Business Sweden, which acts as the local project manager and main project contact and is supported by Swedish industry associations and suppliers.

The Swedish Energy Agency works for a sustainable energy system, combining ecological sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply. With the aim of attaining energy and climate objectives, the Swedish Energy Agency participates in international collaboration and manages instruments such as the EU Emission Trading System and the Electricity Certificate System.

Business Sweden, the Swedish Trade and Investment Council, is owned by the Swedish Government and the industry. Business Sweden’s purpose is to help Swedish companies to reach their international potential and export globally, and to support foreign companies to invest Sweden. Business Sweden offers customers strategic advice and hands-on support.

Please contact our London or Paris based project teams if you are interested in learning more about the program, getting in touch with Swedish companies or learning more about the Swedish heating and cooling market.


SHC by Sweden is a Team Sweden initiative which brings together Swedish associations and industry stakeholders. We are also working with the European governmental and industry stakeholders to promote the development of heat networks in Europe.

Our partners (examples) are:

The UK

  • ADE – the Association of Decentralised Energy
  • DESNZ – the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
  • DBT – the Department for Business and Trade
  • UKDEA – the UK District Energy Association
  • UK (public and private) city operations


  • ADEME – The French Agency for Ecological Transition
  • FEDENE – French professional association representing 500 energy and environmental service companies
  • FNCCR – The French National Federation of Contracting Authorities (Public utilities)
  • SNCU – The French National Union for District Heating and Air treatment
  • French (public and private) city operations


  • Celsius Initiative – demand driven collaboration hub for efficient, integrated heating and cooling solutions
  • Energiföretagen – Swedish industry association for the energy sector
  • Nordic Heat – independent and not for profit peer-to-peer advisory service aiming to support the development of District Energy and W2E solutions in new markets
  • Pelletsförbundet – Swedish association for producers and suppliers of wood pellets and combustion equipment
  • Svebio – Swedish commercial environmental organization for bioenergy
  • SweHeat & Cooling – Swedish industry council for district heating and cooling


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