UK news update February 2024

£3.5 million to make heat networks more efficient • Scottish City Council seeks £40 billion in private capital investment • SHC member companies team up to decarbonize heating in London • Read more about the developments in sustainable heating and cooling in this month's news update from the UK

£3.5 million Government grant to more efficient heat networks 

In a recent move to increase energy efficiency, the UK Government’s Heat Network Efficiency Scheme (HNES) has allocated £3.5 million to 15 projects across the country to enhance heat networks across England and Wales. This funding injection signals a strong interest for energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

The aim of the HNES current financing round is to improve the performance of heat networks, ultimately benefiting over 5,000 residents across the country. The networks serve a broad range of communities, including students, hospital patients, and residents of both private and public sector buildings.

One notable recipient of HNES funding is Swan Housing, which has been awarded almost £700,000 for improvements to the Bow Cross Estate heat network in Tower Hamlets. This investment will not only mitigate heat losses but also enhance efficiency and improve comfort for residents, particularly those facing fuel poverty.

Through the initiative, an estimated annual carbon emissions reduction of 422 tonnes will be achieved, which is equivalent to removing the emissions of 172 diesel-powered cars annually over the next 40 years.

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Glasgow Council seeks £40 billion private capital to reach net-zero by 2030 

Glasgow City Council is increasing its ambitions in the fight against climate change, unveiling plans to attract private investment to fund the monumental task of reducing the city’s carbon emissions and adapting to the challenges of climate change. The proposal outlines the formation of a dedicated green investment team tasked with securing the £40 billion needed to realize Glasgow’s Net Zero ambitions.

To kickstart the ambitious initiative, the council is proposing an initial allocation of £4 million to establish a specialist green investment team. This team will spearhead efforts to attract private investment for a range of climate initiatives, including local heating networks, energy efficiency measures, renewable energy projects, electric vehicle infrastructure, and more.

The commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2030 is driving Glasgow’s determination to accelerate its carbon reduction efforts. However, to reduce financial constraints, while increasing the green ambitions, the council is turning to the private sector to bridge the funding gap. Local leading politicians have emphasized the pivotal role of private investment in driving the necessary changes, acknowledging that the council alone cannot meet the challenges ahead.

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SHC by Sweden member companies join forces to decarbonize heating in London

The two SHC-member companies Crossbreed and NODA join forces to deliver a new project to the London Kings Cross Heatropolis Heat Network. At present, the King’s Cross heat network delivers heat and power to over 40 commercial buildings, including the prestigious UK headquarters of tech giants Google and Nike, a prominent university, and more than 2,400 residential units. The venture is set to improve efficiencies and lower carbon emission of the network.

Central to the Heatropolis project is smart management techniques to optimize the performance of the network. By leveraging Crossbreed and NODA’s innovative control strategies and design innovations, the project seeks to maximize the utilization of existing network capacity, thereby reducing peak demand and minimizing the need for costly infrastructure upgrades.

The initiative is led by UK Power Networks in collaboration with energy management firm Passiv UK and district energy network experts Metropolitan, alongside support from Swedish energy-tech companies NODA and Crossbreed. The successful implementation the Heatropolis project serves as a strong testament to the vast potential enabled through a nationwide transition to low-carbon heat networks, and how Swedish expertise can help accelerate the transition.

More information can be found in the press release from Crossbreed

More information can be found in the press release from NODA

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