France news update June 2022

Wood boiler generating a greener energy mix in Compiègne • Biomass boiler replacing old heating equipment in Langonnet • New heating network will be built in Canourgue • Read more about the developments in sustainable heating and cooling in this month's news update from France

The city of Compiègne (Hauts-de-France) has invested in a biomass-wood boiler to reach city objectives to improve their green energy mix

In 2019, the city entrusted the heating network to Engie Solutions that have been operating and developing the network. In 2021, they started the construction of a 14MW biomass boiler that will supply the network with approximately 65% renewable energy. It will also be supplied by local wood coming from forests with a radius of 100km.

In total, the works will help save 12,000 tons of CO2 emissions (7,000 cars in circulation). As with many other projects, another goal of the project was to reach a higher price stability and decarbonizing networks means reduction in price in comparison to fossil fuels.

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Biomass boiler system will be installed in Langonnet (Bretagne) to replace old heating equipment

The construction works for the new biomass boiler started in June, 2022 and will begin by taking town the Even hangar. The new boiler will then be installed to help reduce the economic footprint and price of energy. Now the network, including event sites, school canteens, public schools, the media library, the town hall and the post office will benefit from heating by wood.

The project received 200,000 EUR in funding from the Morbihan department which also will benefit from the greener energy mix.

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Canourgue (Occitanie) is developing their heating network and the works will start in October, 2022

The project involves a 440m long network that will supply nine buildings: the town hall, a media library, a school complex, a care center, a medical center, and four more buildings. It will be 100% fueled by wood energy where a boiler room with two pellet boilers will replace 100,000 liters of oil fuel. The pellets will also be manufactured less than 50km away as a bi-product of local sawmills. An annual consumption of 260 tons of pellets will help the city cover all their heating needs without purchasing additional fossil fuels. The boilers will supply an 8,000 liters hydro-accumulation tank that will smooth out demand peaks.

The project with save an estimate of 270 tons of CO2 per year and the investment will amount to 831,000 EUR. It receives financial support the Heat Fund (Ademe), the Region and the State (DETR and the DSIL). The city self-finances a total of 187,500 EUR.

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