The untapped potential of digitalisation

Digitalisation can deliver huge benefits in the heating arena. Innovative software reduces costs, increases efficiency and limits heat loss. These benefits affect areas from heat generation and distribution to connection of heat networks.

Digital solutions provide smart and inventive applications for heat networks in these ways:
  • Optimisation through automation
    • Analyse historical data and prepare forecasts to reduce costs by lowering fuel input and pumping demand
    • Use data to balance load on the grid for more stability
  • Prediction
    • Make accurate predictions on future energy use. This allows operators to make informed strategic decisions through optimised utilisation of the heat grid.
  • Significantly extend the life cycle of a heat network by collecting big data in a smart platform.
  • Intelligent fault detection
    • Monitor the grid to identify problems

For example, a smart platform allows maintenance work to be done proactively and only when and where necessary. Compared to conventional processes, a digital system identifies exactly what and where a problem has occurred. This allows the operator to act precisely without wasting time on fault identification. Operative costs are reduced and the heat networks become even more sustainable.

Sweden is at the forefront of decentralised heat networks technology. Our aim for  “Heat Networks – Sustainability by Sweden” is to facilitate knowledge sharing between British and Swedish stakeholders and develop and encourage environmental and economic best practice.

To find out how we can help you and your organisation,  please  contact our London-based “Heat Networks” team. We can introduce you to leading consultants, suppliers of technology and services who will be pleased to share know-how of the development of heat network solutions.

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