UK news update May 2022

Local authorities lack confidence in meeting net-zero targets • New funding announced to decarbonise and upgrade the heating systems of public sector buildings • Two EfW plants have received funding for connection to new heat networks • Read more about the developments in sustainable heating and cooling in this month's news update from the UK

Local authorities lack confidence in meeting net-zero targets

A survey conducted by the Local Government Chronicle and sponsored by E.ON has shown that senior figures in the local government sector doubt their ability to meet net-zero targets. In the survey which included 127 people working in the local government sector, 53% of respondents were not confident that their councils were on-track to deliver against their net-zero targets.

Procurement challenges was cited by respondents as the biggest challenge to councils working on lower carbon initiatives with the private sector, with another barrier being a lack of market understanding. The survey also investigated what low carbon measures respondents viewed as most important to reach net-zero targets, with top answers including energy efficiency of properties, EV infrastructure, solar panels, heat pumps and district heating.

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Government announces £553 million dedicated to upgrade heating systems of public buildings

As part of the third phase of the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme, hundreds of public buildings such as schools, hospitals, leisure centres and libraries are set to receive upgraded heating systems with low carbon heating technologies and energy efficiency improvements through £553 million in funding. The scheme aims to reduce carbon emissions from the public sector with 75% by 2037, compared to 2017 levels.

The first round of funding will provide grants to 160 public sector organisations across the country to install low carbon heating systems, including heat pumps and electric heating, with many projects also fitting energy efficiency measures such as wall and roof insulation, double glazing and LED lighting, and renewables such as solar panels. The funding is expected to contribute to energy savings of £650 million annually over the next 15 years.

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Two Energy-from-Waste plants have received roughly £27 million in funding for heat networks

Veolia has been awarded £16 million in funding from the government to set up a new heat network in Southwark, London, where they operate the South East London Combined Heat and Power plant (SELCHP). The SELCHP already has a heat network providing heat to local businesses, but the new funds will be put towards building a heat network in a different area of Southwark to supply heat for existing estates and schools.

Additionally, £10.7 million has been awarded to a heat network project in Cranbrook in East Devon, near to the city of Exeter. The funding, awarded by HNIP, will allow for the new heat network to be connected to an Energy-from-Waste plant under development and owned by Exeter Waste to Energy.

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