UK news update January 2023

New £1 billion Private-Public-Partnership to decarbonise city • Attleborough to be powered by locally produced biogas • £27 million awarded by new Green Heat Network Fund • Read more about the developments in sustainable heating and cooling in this month's news update from the UK

£1 billion public-private-partnership to help decarbonising Bristol 

Bristol City Council together with renewable energy companies Ameresco and Vattenfall Heat UK have entered a partnership, The Bristol City Leap, which aims to bring £1 billion of sustainable investment into the city over the next coming decades. The 20-year deal aims to noticeably transform how Bristol generates, distributes, stores, and uses energy in the future.

Bristol’s businesses and residents will be able to enjoy the benefits of a major expansion of Bristol`s Heat Network, which will increase supply of reliable, low-carbon heat from sustainable sources. In addition to the low-heating system, there will also be a significant roll out of solar panels to be installed at local schools, and a major energy efficiency upgrade to the council`s social housing estates.

The Bristol City Leap partnership also includes ambitions of installing new wind turbines and solar panels, retrofitting homes with insulation, and rolling out heat pumps. Within the next five years, the project partners claim that the initiative will deliver at least £424m of investment, through several infrastructure projects, 1000 new local jobs, and a reduction of Bristol`s carbon footprint by over 140,000 tonnes.

Read more at the project webpage

Attleborough to be powered by locally produced biogas

A 100,000 tonnes per year capacity anaerobic digestion (AD) plant in Norfolk has now been opened after the completion of a £17 million upgrade project. The upgrade and extension of the Attleborough site was built adjacent to an existing agricultural AD plant, which was also upgraded as part of the project. The project was funded by Privilege Finance, and the new site will be managed by Eco Verde Energy, which owns nine other biomethane production sites across the UK.

Capable of producing 87 gigawatt hours of biomethane per annum, enough to supply 4,000 Attleborough homes, the new site can meet 100% of Attleborough`s gas needs during the summer months and 50% during the winter, according to Privilege Finance.

The plant will help enhancing the transition towards net-zero and a more circular economy by using the town`s organic waste to power local homes and businesses. The scheme has the capacity to process up to 100,000 tonnes of food and organic waste annually, which previously was transported out of the county, hence reducing transport needs and associated emissions.

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The Green Heat Network Fund awards £27 million to heat network projects  

Two heat network projects in Hull and Peterborough will receive millions of funding from the UK Government’s new low carbon incentive – the Green Heat Network Fund (GHNF). The two projects will receive £27m of government funding to help the local city councils accelerate their journeys towards net-zero.

With an overall budget of £288m the GHNF scheme will support numerous projects around the country which promote the use of low-carbon networks which incorporate technologies such as heat pumps, solar PVs and geothermal energy sources. Triple Point Heat Networks Investment management, that have been overseeing the HNIP scheme, will also be managing the GNHF

During the first round of the scheme, £14.4 million has been granted to the Peterborough Integrated Renewables Infrastructure group for an Energy from Waste project (EfW) that will burn non-recycled household waste to generate heat and electricity.

A further £12.9m has been granted to Hull City Council’s decarbonisation plan to develop a new heat network in the city. Once completed, it will generate 22 GWh of electricity and reduce carbon emissions by 2,000 tonnes per year

£2.6 million in funding was also granted to Wigan Council via the outgoing HNIP incentive to develop a ground source heat pump system as part of a wider £190 million local redevelopment plan.

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