UK news update August 2023

New £10 million energy initiative • Leeds announces new extension of heat network • Crossbreed and Bravida launches new energy efficiency partnership • Read more about the developments in sustainable heating and cooling in this month's news update from the UK


Empowering communities: UK’s ambitious £10 million energy initiative 

The UK Government has recently unveiled a new initiative to promote energy security and local growth. Spearheaded by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ), a new £10 million fund has been introduced, underpinning the government’s vision for community-led energy solutions.

Opening for applications in the autumn 2023, ‘The Community Energy Fund’ outlines a strong ambition, paving the way for local endeavours in the renewable energy sector. The initiative encourages the establishment of local wind farms, solar panels on rooftops, and the creation of rural heat networks. These projects are not just about power generation; they’re a step towards economic growth and job creation.

Minister Andrew Bowie has recently highlighted the initiative, emphasising the importance of local communities in the UK’s broader energy and economic objectives. ‘The Community Energy Fund’ is designed to empower these communities, ensuring they have the resources required to innovate and lay the groundwork for sustainable energy infrastructure that benefits all their residents.

In conclusion, this new initiative by the UK government reiterates its unwavering commitment to fostering local growth, prioritising sustainability, and championing community-led endeavours. It’s a step towards a more resilient, greener, and collaborative future.

Read more in the Press Release from the UK Government

Leeds takes a sustainable leap with an extended Heat Network 

Leeds is entering a new era of sustainable energy with the proposed expansion of its £62 million district heating system. The Leeds PIPES district heating network is set to benefit even more residents and businesses in the coming months, thanks to the city council’s new plans.

Recognizing the transformative potential of this project, the UK government has supported its development with a £5.4m grant. The move reinforces the city’s commitment to adopting sustainable practices and steering away from traditional fossil-fuel systems.

The heating system utilise energy derived from non-recyclable waste through and energy-from-waste plant. Current estimates suggest that the adoption of this network will offer a collective annual saving of about £490,000 for its users.

Furthermore, the council is actively seeking up to £20 million in additional funding, to allow further expansion. Securing this would enable extensions to the existing infrastructure, paving the way for an extended coverage during 2024.

Read more in article from The Business Desk

Crossbreed launches new energy efficiency partnership with Bravida

Bravida and SHC-member Crossbreed are pioneering a transformative approach to energy conservation in real estate. Their most recent collaboration, the ‘Proptech BOX’, harnesses advanced algorithms to enhance heat utilisation in buildings. This venture not only promises reduced energy usage but also an enriched indoor atmosphere.

Stefan Sandström at Bravida says, “Bravida Proptech BOX is our answer to the customer’s need to easily and cost-effectively digitize old systems, but also to replace old systems with new standardized solutions. The focus is on the value of energy savings.”

The Proptech BOX will initially focus on the extension ‘Heat’, which aims to modernise old district heating substations. Through an open collaboration with partners in the ecosystem, it is not only ready for use in a property with smart regulation (AI), but also prepared to be integrated into the smart distribution network of the future.

As a leading force within service and installation in the Nordics Bravida operates with a 13,000-strong team across Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.

About Crossbreed:

Based in Malmö, Sweden, Crossbreed champions innovative energy solutions, aiming to synchronize global energy data with energy algorithms. Their solution, Crossbreed EnergyOS, simplifies access to energy optimization.

Read more in press release from Crossbreed

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