UK news update March 2024

London project to transport waste heat by barge on the River Thames • Liverpool to install major heat pump in its district heating network • UK Landfill Tax set to rise with over 20% • Read more about the developments in sustainable heating and cooling in this month's news update from the UK

London project to ship waste heat by barge using thermal batteries

Cory, a British waste management company, has entered a partnership with Sheen Parkside to decarbonise heating in the capital by leveraging the River Thames for waste heat transportation via thermal batteries. The initiative, known as the Thames Mobile Heat Consortium, also involves storage technology company Sunamp, and is set to further accelerate innovative heat distribution solutions across London.

The project will utilize heat generated from Cory’s Riverside “Energy from Waste” (EfW) plant in Belvedere, which will then be stored in Sunamp thermal batteries and transported via barge to major heat consumers along the River Thames. By tapping into this abundant source of waste heat and utilizing advanced thermal storage technology, the consortium aims to provide a sustainable alternative to traditional heating while reducing carbon emissions.

One potential beneficiary of the initiative is the Pimlico District Heating Undertaking (PDHU), operated by Westminster City Council, which currently supplies over 3,000 homes and 50 commercial and community buildings. If the Thames Mobile Heat Consortium successfully supplies the PDHU, it has the potential to provide up to 50 Gwh of recovered heat annually. This would entail significant carbon emissions reductions compared to the current natural gas boilers used in the network.

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Liverpool to install major heat pump in its district heating network 

In a significant move towards sustainable heating solutions, Peel NRE’s Mersey Heat Energy Centre, situated at Liverpool’s Princes Dock, will install a £2.5m water source heat pump. Manufactured by Star Refrigeration in Glasgow, the pump will harness heat from the nearby Leeds-Liverpool canal, providing low carbon heat and hot water for thousands of homes and commercial spaces in the area.

The energy centre, operated by Vital Energi, aims to become a cornerstone of Liverpool’s low carbon energy infrastructure upon its completion in winter 2024. With the potential to supply 20GWh of heat annually in its initial phase, the project has plans for expansion to eventually meet the heating need of up to 17,000 homes.

Utilizing a water-sourced heat pump offers a three-fold increase in efficiency compared to traditional electric heating and has the potential to slash carbon emissions by up to 90%. This investment signifies a crucial step towards transitioning away from fossil fuels and embracing sustainable heating alternatives, in line with Liverpool’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.

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UK landfill tax set to increase by over 20% to promote more sustainable waste management

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt recently announced a substantial increase in the standard rate of landfill tax to £126.15 per tonne, effective from the 2025/26 fiscal year. This represents a surge of more than 20% compared to the current rate, signalling commitment to incentivize investment in sustainable waste management infrastructure across the country.

The decision to raise the landfill tax standard rate is driven by the need to align with the actual Retail Price Index (RPI) and ensure that the tax remains an effective tool in promoting environmentally responsible waste disposal practices. With the lower rate also increasing to £4.05 per tonne, this move reflects the government’s proactive stance towards tackling waste management challenges and fostering a greener economy.

While the rise in landfill tax is anticipated to generate an additional £50 million for the Treasury in the initial year of implementation, local authorities, particularly those still reliant on landfill as a disposal route, may face significant cost pressures. However, the raised landfill tax could accelerate the shift away from traditional landfill practices, driving further investment in more sustainable alternatives.

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