The Power of Networks

The heat networks CELSIUS project, which was started in 2013, finished with a two-day conference last week in Gothenburg, Sweden (27th-28th November 2017). People representing everything from the private sector and associations to cities and research institutes from all over Europe attended. However, even though the project is coming to an end, it has already laid a good foundation for continuous international cooperation and sharing of best practices within the industry of district energy.

Connecting European cities and developing heat networks

The CELSIUS project was started with the intent of becoming a platform for networking and knowledge in order to help European cities take the next step in their district energy system development.

“A platform of networking and knowledge, CELSIUS takes a holistic approach to overcome technical, social, financial and political barriers to district heating and cooling solutions.”CELSIUS cities’ website

The theme for the project’s final conference, CELSIUS Summit, was “The Power of Networks”, which underlined the importance of working together and of developing heat networks for a more sustainable environment. Out of the 67 European cities that are members of the EU CELSIUS project there are 18 cities from the United Kingdom and Ireland, showing the growing importance of heat networks in those countries. London was one of the five partner cities demonstrating innovative state-of-the-art energy efficient technologies. Three projects from London were developed as demonstrators:

  1. The extension of the Bunhill Heat and Power Network, supplying heat to new users by utilising waste heat and exploring opportunities to lower the systems operating temperatures
  2. Utilising excess heat from the London Underground and the UK Power Network’s electricity substation
  3. Active Network Management (ANM): Aim to integrate heat networks systems with the electricity distribution network, with the hope to enable decentralised energy plants to be connected to the electricity network more easily

“The theme for CELSIUS Summit is “The Power of Networks” and it says a lot about this project. By deliberately building a European network on the potential of heat networks, we have been able to try many new ways of using heat networks. The connection of Stena Danica to appliances fueled by district heating networks is one example, as well as taking advantage of the excess heat from the London subway. Now we bring these experiences with us and continue to share knowledge within our network.”
– Jonas Cognell, Project Manager at Göteborg Energi (Original quote in Swedish)

District heating networks are increasingly included in the European agenda for a sustainable climate, and with a continuously growing international network for sharing knowledge and best practices, the shift for heat networks is more likely to come quicker and have an even greater impact.



Sweden is at the forefront of decentralised heat networks technology. Our aim for “Heat Networks – Sustainability by Sweden” is to facilitate knowledge sharing between British and Swedish stakeholders and develop and encourage environmental and economic best practice.

To find out how we can help you and your organisation, please contact our London-based “Heat Networks” team. We can introduce you to leading consultants, suppliers of technology and services who will be pleased to share know-how of the development of heat network solutions.

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