France news update May 2022

Local sports complex has been connected to heating network in Monplaisir • Network extension to Cherbourg-en-Cotentin hospital in Cherbourg • Idex continue to transform their own oil boilers to agro-pellets ones in La Defense • Read more about the developments in sustainable heating and cooling in this month's news update from France

The multisport complex of Monplaisir in Angers (Pays-de-la-Loire) is soon opening its doors after completed construction works and being connected to the local heating network

After two years of work, the soon-to-be second largest sports center in Angers will open to the public in the Angevins district. The surface area of 7,500 m2 has also been connected to the urban heating network, supplied by the biomass boiler in Monplaisir, to provide heating and hot water. It also supplies public buildings and more than 2,400 collective housing units.

In total, the work will have cost 13 MEUR. The city received more than 4 million euros in subsidies to support the project and during the two years of work, 4,600 hours of integration were reserved for people in need of work after a situation of long-term unemployment.

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After an approval by the city council, Cherbourg (Normandie) is now extending their heating network to the Cherbourg-en-Cotentin hospital

The project is the first step of a master plan that maps out the potential extensions of the heating network, which has been developed in collaboration with various partners, such as ADEME, landlords of social housing and the city hospital. The plan scenarios were presented in April of 2022, where the first phase to extend the heating network has been approved. The works will also help reduce vulnerabilities identified in a multi-risk prevention assessment. By creating heating substations, the risk of flooding of the boilers would be eliminated.

The total costs of the project, phase one of the development plan, will amount to 1.344 MEUR. Ademe will support the project with 335,000 EUR (40% of the costs). It will help save 2,385 tons of CO2 per year and help the network to maintain a strong mix of renewable energies. The construction and extension to the Contentin hospital will start in the beginning of July and last for approximately five months.

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Idex, entrusted to operate the heating and cooling networks of La Defense, (Ile-de-France) is continuing their green plans to transform oil boilers to ones supplied by agro-pellets

The Joint Urban Heating Syndicate of the Defense Region Generia ensures the public service of production and distribution of heating and cooling in La Défense, de Seine-Arche et de Nanterre-La Garenne-Colombes. They have entrusted Idex (through its subsidiary Enertherm) to supply the business and residential district of La Défense with both heating air conditioning until 2032. The network includes 24km of heating network and 14km of cooling.

The Paris-La Défense heating and cooling network is part of a sustainable development approach, in particular by obtaining quadruple certification (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001). Also thanks to the investments made in major works in 2008 and 2014 (GFVT) which reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 50%. To develop this even further, Idex is now carrying out a project to transform two of the four fuel-oil boilers to use agro-pellets – the first ones in France and in Europe.

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