Time to say goodbye to the gas boiler?

No more gas heating in new homes from 2025, New tender for pipes in Stoke, Metropolitan awarded 25-year contract and more recent news from March 2019.

Time to say goodbye to the gas boiler?

Gas heating will no longer be used in new homes from 2025. Instead new homes will be fitted with low carbon heating systems, the Chancellor Phillip Hammond announced seemingly following a recommendation by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). With the ‘future homes standard’, new homes will no longer be built requiring fossil fueled heating.
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New tender for pipes and ancillaries in Stoke-on-Trent

In a new second tender, Stoke-on-Trent will establish a framework to facilitate the development of decentralised energy networks, which will be made available to all local authorities, universities, hospital trusts and social landlords in the UK. The 4-year contract of an estimated value of £70mn covers, but is not limited to, pipes and ancillary services. The window for expression of interest closes on the 23 April.
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Metropolitan secures 25-year contract

Metropolitan, known for its development in King’s Cross and St. Andrews Park among others, has been awarded a 25-year contract to operate the Hallsville Quarter in Canning Town. The development will include 1,100 new homes and 23,300 m2 of hotel and commercial space.
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Pipes in the ground in Clydebank

In Clydebank, Scotland, we saw the first pipes go into the ground following preparatory work since November 2018. The network will be taking water from the river Clyde and distributing it through heat networks to homes and businesses at the Queens Quay Development.
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High speed trains to support district heating

By tapping into the HS2 super-hub and using its waste heat to feed the district heating network, it is being investigated if it could be possible to support 500 homes with low-carbon heating and hot water. Approximately 250,000 people pass through the Old Oak Common station on a daily basis. Similar work has earlier been done in the London area, such as the Bunhill heat network, which draws waste heat from the London Underground.
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Immediate action needed for low carbon heat

According to the Energy Technologies Institute‘s (ETI) new report, which outlines the outcomes from its ‘Smart Systems and Heat’ programme, an almost immediate start is needed if we are to reach the targets for decarbonising heat in time. District heating networks for entire neighbourhoods are highlighted as one of the key solutions, as well as solutions that can be demonstrated on a city-wide scale within short.
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Innovation for smart heating and cooling

A new innovation competition for SMEs working with smart heating and cooling has been announced by Energy Systems Catapult. The competition will close already on the 5 April 2019.
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