France news update September 2020

Bordeaux metropolis is renovating and extending its heat network • A part of France's €100 billion recovery package "France Relance" will be used for improving energy efficiency in buildings • The 2024 Olympic village will be supplied by a district heating and cooling network • Read more about district heating developments in France in the September news update



The 2024 Olympic village will be supplied by a district heating and cooling network

In the Olympic Games taking place in Paris 2024, the Olympic village will be heated and cooled through the extension of the SMIREC heating and cooling network. The network will mainly be powered by geothermal energy (68%), making the energy provision both locally and renewably sourced. Plaine Commune Energie, a subsidiary of ENGIE Solutions, will manage the network.

Complimentary info since last newsletter: Funding requests for the extension have been sent to ADEME and a roundtable between parties is underway.

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Bordeaux metropolis is renovating and extending its heat network

The work to extend and renovate Bordeaux’s Hauts de Garonne district heating network will begin in 2021. The work aims to improve the network’s energy performance and provide heating to 14,300 housing equivalents. Likewise, the extension will contribute to reaching the renewable energy goal of 30%, preventing emissions of 26,000 tons of CO2/year. The renovation and extension are expected to take five years to complete.

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The national recovery package France Relance will spend billions of euros on increased energy efficiency in existing buildings

On September 3rd, the French Prime Minister Jean Castex presented the €100 billion recovery package France Relance, aiming to support the economy in reaching the same level of prosperity as before the crisis – already by 2022.

Complimentary info since last newsletter: Out of the €100 bn, €6.7 bn is to be invested in renovation of social housing, public and private buildings, to reduce energy consumption and make buildings more sustainable. Additionally, French public banking institutions BPIFrance and Banque des Territoires have committed €15 bn for increasing energy efficiency of private office buildings, public establishments and over 500,000 social housing.

Please reach out directly to Business Sweden France for details on the national recovery package >



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