France news update March 2022

Local community is concerned about a new biomass installation in Toulouse • Community hotel in Laval supplied by cooling after network extension • Waste treatment plant will supply energy to the Cluses network in Marignier • Read more about the developments in sustainable heating and cooling in this month's news update from France


The proposal to install a biomass plant to supply the heating network of the new Grand Matabiau district in Toulouse (Occitanie) is worrying local inhabitants

The new biomass plant of 8 MW would be supplied by wood (80%) and gas (20%), and the Metropole of Toulouse is currently accepting proposals for such installation until the end of April-22. One detail is that the plan will not actually be placed in the new district. It will be installed in the nearby district, thus replacing a grass-covered skatepark. The inhabitants are now, however, realizing that the installation will entail a real production site with a biomass boiler, whereas they previously did not comprehend the extent of the project. Neighboring associations have now caused a bit of turmoil, opposing the biomass plant and related activities (such as transportation of forest wood) in a “rather suburban area”.

The local community is thus concerned about their district turning into an industrial zone and how the installation will result in an unsafe environment and noise pollution. The elected officials of the public service delegation are now working to better inform the public and provide technical clarifications on the project and how it will affect the residential area. The final decision on the project is thus not yet settled.

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The community hotel in Laval (Pays de la Loire) is now supplied by cooling after connecting the building to the local district heating network

The district heating network of Séché in Laval (Mayenne) has extended their network by connecting a local community hotel. The network has previously provided heat to several properties, including a swimming pool, a hospital centre, and school buildings. The energy is provided by a local combustion center that generates heat from non-recyclable waste.

The project was carried out by Laval Énergie (LEN), the company in charge of managing the network. The new project had a budget of 375 000 EUR and aimed to connect the hotel to provide air conditioning to the building. A chilled water unit was also installed already in 2021 to help transform the energy into cooling.

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Starting from October 2022, the household waste treatment plant in Marignier (Haute-Savoie) will supply energy to the Cluses heating network

The district heating network of 3.7 km will now be extended by 10 km. In total, it will supply approximately 15 buildings. The extension of the network and connection of the plant (managed by Sivom) will incorporate energy that will correspond to about 83% of the network’s heat supply. Not only will the project limit the use of fossil fuel in the energy mix, but it will also allow for more stable pricing for heat and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with at least 4,500 tons of CO2.

Clues Énergie (subsidiary of Dalkia) has been responsible for the project where 13 MEUR has been invested to transform the network’s energy supply. Out of this, 5.3 MEUR was received by ADEME in financial support.

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