UK news update February 2022

A new £300 million Heat Network Fund has been established support the development and roll out of zero emission heat networks in Scotland • New plans for five extensions to the Leeds PIPES district heating network have been approved by Leeds City Council, with £7.2 million in funding • REA says BEIS' home heat decarbonisation report does not sufficiently consider the utilisation of biofuels to decarbonise off-gas grid properties • A new eco-friendly housing development is completed in North Ayrshire, with a biomass district heating system • Read more about the developments in sustainable heating and cooling in this month's news update from the UK

New £300 million fund established to support the transformation of Scotland’s heating systems

The new Heat Network Fund will support the development and roll out of zero emission heat networks supplying homes and commercial properties and will be open to both public and private sector applicants. The fund takes over from the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme and is part of the wider commitment of £1.8 billion from Parliament to decarbonise heat in buildings.

The fund was announced during a visit to the Queens Quay heat pump and heat network project by Zero Carbon Buildings Minister Patrick Harvie, during which he also announced the opening of applications for the Social Housing Net Zero Heat Development fund and the extension of funding for “Fabric First” energy efficiency projects in social housing.

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Extension to the Leeds PIPES district heating network approved by Councillors

Leeds City Council has given the green light for plans to extend the city’s district heating network called Leeds PIPES, a £7.2 million scheme expected to nearly double the amount of low-carbon heat supplied to homes and businesses annually. The network currently serves almost 2000 homes, commercial buildings and public buildings in the city region with heat recovered from Veolia’s EfW facility.

The new plans include five extensions to the network, totalling 2.5km. The council is co-constructing the network together with Vital Energi, who stated that the extensions could connect buildings to supply an additional 11,600 MWh of heat annually, up from the current network capacity of 13,900 MWh.

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BEIS’ home decarbonisation report fails to sufficiently consider bioenergy potential, says REA

A report by the Commons’ Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee on Decarbonising Heat in Homes is not considering the full range of available renewable technologies, including biomass and biomethane, according to The Association For Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA).

The report emphasizes electrification as the only viable option to decarbonise off-gas grid properties, while REA stresses the importance of considering the utilisation of biomass, biopropane and other biofuels as well as green gases like biomethane to decarbonise off-grid homes.

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New sustainable council housing development completed in North Ayrshire in Scotland

The £20 million project has produced the latest generation of energy-efficient and sustainable council homes on the former site Largs Academy and Kelburn Primary School in North Ayrshire. A total of 123 units have been built, as part of a wider commitment to create 1625 new homes across the area.

The new development was made possible by a £7 million grant from the Scottish Government, and comprises general needs housing, supported accommodation and other types of supported homes. Heating and hot water for the entire site is provided by a sustainable biomass district heating system. The new homes also include a range of other sustainable solutions, such as solar PV panel installations, low energy LED lighting, heat interface units, and water saving taps and toilets.

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