International: Opportunities within sustainable district energy solutions in the Middle East

Business Sweden has released a report that provides insights into district energy in the Middle East including market potential and a country by country breakdown of the major district cooling stakeholders, investments and market agenda.

Energy diversification strategies, large urban populations, soaring temperatures and most notably high electricity consumption where more than 50% is spent on cooling, are factors that make the Gulf region of the Middle East a hotbed for investment into district cooling solutions. The district cooling market in the Gulf region accounts for around 40% of the global district cooling market, and is home to some of the world’s largest district cooling systems. The market is booming and expected to grow by 50% by 2025 due to a high demand and strong governmental initiatives to shift to more efficient cooling solutions.

Swedish solutions are well renowned in the Gulf region for having high quality solutions and strong industry competence. There is a large opportunity for Swedish companies and solution providers to take part in the growth that is expected in the region. Read the report, “The heat is on!” by Business Sweden which gives an overview to the growth trajectory of the district cooling market in the Gulf region, and how Swedish companies can position themselves for business opportunities.

Read more and find the report “The heat is on!” by Business Sweden>


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